Seismological Course 2017 – Perth, Australia

IMS Seismological Course (26 March 2017) in Perth

The objectives of the course are to familiarise attendees with the basic principles of seismic monitoring in mines, demonstrate new techniques of active and passive seismic monitoring, present developments in the integration of numerical modelling with seismic data and assessment of seismic hazard. The course precedes the Eighth International Conference on Deep and High Stress Mining that will be held in the Novotel Perth Langley Hotel from 28 to 30 March 2017.


The programme of the 2017 IMS Training Course may be found here.


AU$295.00 standard rate. Full-time university students pay 50% of the standard rate.


To register for the 2017 Seismological Course, follow the registration process.

27th Mine Seismology Seminar – Sudbury, Canada

IMS Seminar (8-9 May 2017) in Sudbury

The Institute of Mine Seismology will hold the annual Seminar on Microseismic Monitoring in Mines in Sudbury in May. This is an opportunity for users, practitioners and researchers in the field of mine seismology to meet and discuss the latest seismological analysis techniques and technology. The main objective is to present the latest work in assessing long, intermediate and short term seismic hazard, on passive and active seismic monitoring and in integration of numerical modelling with seismic data.


The latest programme of the 2017 IMS Seminar may be found  here.


To register for the 27th Mine Seismology Seminar, follow the registration process.