Tabular Modelling

Provides an easy-to-use, boundary-element modelling interface for visualization

of stress and strain parameters with seismic data.

The IMS Modelling Tabular Suite, available as an add-on for IMS Vantage, uses an in-house implementation of the Boundary Element Method to provide routine static-stress modelling services to South African Mines. The software has been optimized for the tabular, narrow-reef mines in South Africa, and in particular, the model-building process has been streamlined to reduce labour costs; this allows IMS to provide a comprehensive modelling service at an affordable price. All major geo-technical parameters (rockwall condition factor, energy release rate, factor of safety etc) are supported, and the monthly or quarterly modelling reports can be customized to meet mine-specific requirements. IMS South Africa provides modelling services to more than 20 mines in the gold, platinum and coal industry.


Click here to download the tabular modelling software.