Ticker3D provides new innovative tools for viewing seismic event information moments after it is recorded by the IMS monitoring system. An easy-to-use interface gives a user the ability to quickly obtain information about event parameters and their location. The Java based software allows automatic software updates and easy extensibility. This ensures that the latest and greatest features are always available to the end user.

Quick Setup

Setup for Ticker3D can be done in two easy steps: :

Default settings will be downloaded and applied after a successful login for first time users.
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Usability and Features

Integration with the IMS Vantage package provides easy zoom, pan and rotation functionality that can be used to find more realistic seismic event locations in 3D ore bodies or in tabular mining excavations. The 3D viewer also provides event interactivity to quickly obtain event information. Other features include:

Analysis Tools

The detection and analysis tools available in Ticker3D aim to detect predefined but unusual seismic event patterns in mines. Cascading and Flaring are two of the analysis tools currently available in Ticker-3D. Cascades strives to detect correlated fore-shocks in an area. Ticker-3D will identify and highlight the events that are close together in time and space and supply a warning message to a user. Activity Flaring highlights areas that show a sudden increase in activity compared to expected activity in this zone, based on empirical probabilities of previous activity. Maximum Magnitude Flaring will highlight areas where the maximum magnitude of seismic events in a zone suddenly increases.

Download IMS Ticker3D here