Seismological services are provided by IMS in order to extract the maximum amountof useful information from the microseismic monitoring system at the mine. The recorded data consists of digital seismograms, and the IMS provides a routine service in which each seismogram is processed to extract seismic event classifications, locations and source quantifications. Large seismic events can cause considerable damage and risk to underground personnel, and so large event notifications can be issued to the mine as a matter of urgency. The processed data is then regularly analysed and reports are sent to the mine with recommendations on management of the seismic hazard.

The Institute of Mine Seismology also performs special seismological investigations when the need arises, as well as special processing studies on ways to optimise the routine automatic processing and classifications of recorded seismic data.

IMS also offers routine and special services on static stress modelling of the mine, as input data for the integration of seismic and modelling information.