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Seismic Monitoring Dashboard

Elevate Your Seismic Monitoring with Advanced Web Technology

In the critical realm of seismic monitoring, access to accurate and timely seismic data is crucial. Our Seismic Dashboard is specifically engineered to enhance your decision-making capabilities with comprehensive seismic information.

Enhance Your Monitoring with Precision and Reliability

Our Seismic Dashboard combines user-friendly design with robust features, making it an essential tool for any seismic monitoring team. Whether you’re monitoring for compliance, safety, or environmental impact, this dashboard provides critical data, aiding you in making informed decisions.

Key Features

Interactive Google Map Integration

Seamlessly navigate using a user-friendly Google Map interface, pinpointing sensor locations and seismic events with precision.

Real-Time Notifications

Stay informed with alerts that keep you updated on seismic activities, ensuring you’re always aware, whether you’re on-site or remotely monitoring.

Comprehensive System Status and Health Reports

Maintain a clear view of your monitoring system’s functionality, ensuring every component is operating efficiently for continuous surveillance.

Advanced Seismic Data Analysis

Delve into detailed seismic activity with PGV/PGA information, FFT spectrum analysis, and velocity change graphs, offering a thorough understanding of subsurface movements.

Customisable Alerts and Parameters

Personalise your monitoring experience by setting specific thresholds for seismic events, receiving alerts that are most relevant to your operation.

Web Based

Using the latest web based technology, our Seismic Dashboard can be accessed from a variety of devices with no installation required.

Screenshot of Beaconsfield Dashboard