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software products

IMS software products

record, process, visualise and analyse

the mine microseismic data collected by the IMS seismic stations.


Synapse is a runtime system that controls the seismic network, allowing the user to dynamically change system settings, and provides feedback concerning the seismic networks status and performance. Synapse is responsible for all central recording of the seismic data.


This software package is used to visualise and process seismogram data collected by the IMS seismic system. Processing is performed by picking the P- and S-wave arrivals to estimate seismic event source parameters, such as location, radiated seismic energy and inelastic co-seismic deformation.


Vantage is used to visualise and study microseismicity, both spatially and temporally, contrasting it with data from various sources, such as stress modelling and seismic system status.


This event visualisation and notification tool is used to examine events as they occur. It also displays IMS system status updates and results of routine seismological services, if available.


The mobile application allows for viewing live events as they are recorded by the IMS seismic system. In addition, the user may also view IMS system status information, including system health and ATU health percentages, as well as the current data transfer status.


The Tabular Modelling software package, available as an add-on for IMS Vantage, provides an easy-to-use, boundary-element modelling interface for visualization of stress and strain parameters with seismic data.


The Rockburst Hazard Assessment (RBHA) Tool quantifies and compares the demand and capacity of ground support in relation to excavation damage induced by dynamic deformation.