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Distributed acoustic sensing

A new class of seismic sensor based on optical fibre sensing technology for geophysical, seismological and industrial applications

Distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) technology uses optical fibre as its sensing element. With a spatial resolution of less than 1m possible, DAS can achieve superior coverage compared to conventional point sensors.

The development and commercialization of DAS were accelerated by its use in the oil and gas industry during the last decade, where applications range from production flow monitoring, hydraulic fracture monitoring, vertical seismic profiling and monitoring of microseismic events.

Other applications that could benefit from DAS include geophysical imaging for mineral exploration, seismic interferometry as used in tailings dam monitoring and monitoring mining-induced seismicity complimenting conventional arrays.

The Institute of Mine Seismology has partnered with Terra15 to provide DAS data acquisition hardware for mine monitoring applications and can provide specialist and routine monitoring services. Visit our partner website for details on the hardware: